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  • Why CargoHouse?
    Every customer is unique and have specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Depending on the requirements, we at Cargohouse will review and work with your company to customize a practical and effective solution to meet your needs. If you have a project, we want to hear from you!
  • Does Cargohouse provide FBA support?
    That's about the number one inquiry we get at Cargohouse! Yes - we do! Whether you are currently processing on Seller or Vendor Central, we can assist you in managing your FBA orders.
  • How do you ensure security of our cargoes?
    Cargohouse is a US Customs certified CFS warehouse. Strict security protocols must be administered on a daily basis. Our yard is perimeter fenced with facilites covered by 24/7/265 alarm sensors (including but not limited to motion and night surveillance cameras). Optional Internal fencing is also available per client request.
  • When is cutoff for processing e-commerce orders?
    Generally, cut-off for same day processing/shipping is before 12PM (noon). The reason for this is mainly due to last mile courier delivery pickups that are set for the afternoon. We also provide expedited processing for urgent orders that are received post cut-off hours. Everything is possible - just let us know what your business needs are!
  • How many pallets can fit into a truck?
    Depending on size of truck - below are a simple table for reference: 20' container: 10 standard pallets (48x40") - max wt: 32,000 lbs 40' container: 20 standard pallets (48x40") - max wt: 42,000 lbs HQ: Same as 40' 53' trailer: 26~30 standard pallets (48x40") - max wt: 42,000 lbs. Email us for your specific type of truck - we'll get you the answer!
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